1270th Engineer Combat Battalion
Corps Castle logo of the 1270th - photo taken by George Hornsby
This web site is dedicated to my father, Technical Sergeant Joseph Earl Turner (May 21, 1922 - May 23, 1992),
and to my friend, Combat Photographer Dennis E. Wile (November 23, 1922 - December 20, 2013),
and to the men and families of the 1270th.
To preserve the memories of their experience in Europe during WWII and to share their stories
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H. & S. CO., 1270 ENGR. C. B., Camp Chaffee, Arkansas, 9 Oct., 1944
Officers (front row center) L. to R. - (W.O.J.G.) R.C. Lane, (W.O.J.G.) R.J. Sanders, Capt. A. H. Zimmerman, 1st Lt. R. H. Burritt, 1st Sgt. S. S. Miller
Front Row L. to R. - Lanc, Brandle, E. Cloum, Lichko, Cheshareck, Nigro, Foy, Alburtus, Jones, Lane, Sanders, Zimmerman, Burrill, Miller, Davis Williams, McPherson, Elder, E. Decker, Hinkle, Miller, Tanoeman, Mike Pochebut, Petty, Joseph E. Turner, Ben Barr
2nd Row L. to R. - no name, Schoch, William Grayburn, Hobson, I. Gunshor, Chaisson, Goldberg, J. Riley, Ford, C. Punch, A. Jones, Dennis Wile, Grier, J.Garrison, Ensian__, B____, Ponell__, ?, V. Apostolos, Miswick, E. Derby, Brucadnumler?, A. Curren, Hubacl, R. Draper,
3rd Row L. to R. - H. Cline, no name, John Holliday, J. Herzfield, no name, W. Fraley, Veeles, C. Fischer, F. Warner, no name, Anderson, no name, H. Gelfand, no name, no name, no name, Fallon, no name, B. Boers, Talw(sp?), Drummond, Gresoon, ?, Coon, J. Gross, L. Engle,
Back Row L. to R. - C. Jackson, L. Gibson, Edward Pangborn, Snow, E. Marcinko, F. Spiller, Miller, Gletcher, Robbins, N. Rodseth, Phillips, Hutt, Justson, L. Maxfield, Dever, M. Chomentowski, Dison, Mooneyhan, A. Chagnard, H.Deyer, Dulak,
Nan Turner and Dennis Wile looking at photographs in Trussville, Alabama; August 17, 2010
Click here to view 1978 TV interview of Dennis Wile

161 Field Artillery Band, 35th Division of the Kansas National Guard
Joe Turner played the trumpet in the National Guard Band in Emporia, Kansas. The Guard was mobilized
in December, 1940 and sent to Camp Joseph T. Robinson near Little Rock, AR. for a years training.
One week before that year was up, the Japanese Army attacked Pearl Harbor.
The 161st along with Company B, 137th Infantry, 35th Division of the Kansas National Guard
were sent to Ford Ord, outside of Monterey, California, to guard the coastline.
Joe left the band for flight training school which was later cancelled.
He was re-appointed to the 1270th Engineer Combat Battalion.
The 161st were sent to the European Theater and toured with Jack Benny before being
reassigned as MPs and serving under General Patton in the Battle of the Bulge.
Click here to View Photo Album of the 161st Field Artillery Band
Joseph Earl Turner
Dale B. Stinson, Clarence M. Burnap, Victor H. Steg, Howard James, Ner A. Stinson, Levi A. Barnes, Ralph R. Dice
Leonard Hollingsworth, Orin V. Page, Joseph Earl Turner, Robert C. Black, Charles Wayman, James C. Sloan
Jack L. Frost, Paul O. Steg, Leland F. Johnson, Edwin R. Wortman, Robert C. Wilson, Elvin H. Koger
Alvin W. Schmutz, Wayne R. Russell, Harry Warren Austin, John E. Hollingsworth, Harry G. McGuire, John A. Bailey
Leonard W. Staley, Paul J. Stovall, Ray D. Barnes, Clifford E. Barrett, Perry J. Dalrymple, Theodore S. Conley
Rudolph G. Jungst, Charles H. Thurber, Harley P. Gover, Jack R. Barker, Robert M. Johnson, Elmer J. Micek
John W. Beil, George E. Underleak, Victor Liflansky, NeVoy A. Gerbracht, Leslie Kimble, Charles Greenhalgh, Ralph Pasola
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